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Youth Trend For Empowerment and Development (NGO)

About Us

Youth Trend For Empowerment and Development is an NGO charged with the mandate of combating poverty, hunger and social injustice.

Founded in 2016 by Mr Harrison . S.  Okorie but duly registered under the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on the 26th of June 2016, the Youth Trend strategy is to create a community of members trained and equipped on the important aspects of life like godliness, health, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

The aim is to push hunger and unhealthy lifestyles out of the lives of members, thereby encroaching the borderlines of poverty in Nigeria - just one empowered member after another.

Therefore Youth Trend runs online and offline registration platforms and also organizes seminars and workshops across the 12 states of the country for members. The themes of these events boarders on the word of God, health, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

The money recovered from membership goes back to empowering widows and the less privilege with economic materials and equipment and non-refundable soft loans otherwise known as grants, in this respect, over 10 million naira has been spent. However, members who applied to undertake major projects in the tone of N100, 000 to N5000, 000, await the arrival of grants promised Youth Trend by recognized international bodies.

As part of her aim to achieve an independent funding system in the future, not needing to depend on other charities for funds, Youth Trend is investing in local manufacturing, agriculture, the health sector and other businesses.

This is to build a financial base for herself, to be able to empower members independently. In line with this very vision, Youth Trend currently runs a farm of over 50 hectares, planting groundnut, corn, plantain and banana, with prospects of expansion.

The Youth Trend project is a huge one, many more lives promises to be touched through the employment opportunities that will result as well as the different empowerment initiatives currently being undertaken by Youth Trend.

Therefore we enjoin you to become a part of this great force against hunger and poverty.

Our Vision

To be a leading NGO and a forerunner in the business of making humanitarian gestures available to the grassroots people.

We want to, by 2030, have trained over 10,000,000 people in different skills, as well as set many up in various trades with particular interest in agriculture. We want our microfinance program to have reached the most micro of places with a target of 10,000 micro-finances all over the country by 2030.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to partner with the people at the local level, and spread the tentacles of this partnership, so as to be able to bring development, both community and individual to all.

Our mode of operation

It is an established fact that most times than not, funds approved by international charity bodies and persons to Africa end up not getting to the grassroots; the place to which they are targeted. So it is our vision that we help correct this abnormality.

To achieve this, we have adopted our unique organizational structure that ensures funds gets down to the very people they are meant for. In respect to this, our membership is open. Anybody from any place or community can be a member.

We also operate a networking model of structure; that is to say a structure that doesn’t allow for dormant membership, but a membership that strives for upward-ness.

This kind of organization ensures that ordinary members can move to being integral parts of the organization by registering other members and having them as reproductive down-liners; that is to say members that will register other members.

This helps to spread our network as well as our impact to the remotest parts. In the nearest years, we would have spread to the craniest corners of this nation


So far, Youth Trend enjoys a partner-membership of over 2000 people. That is to say, over a thousand people are registered on the platform with the same charge and passion as the central purpose of Youth Trend.

We have presence in over 11 states in Nigeria with Abuja, bringing the total to 12. And over 300 communities are host to our microfinance/corporative initiatives or at least one of our so many agricultural and skill acquisition program.

What we do

God’s Word

We teach people the way of God, Which is very important in life. Without God in one’s life that mean disaster. We preach Jesus Christ as our savior and lord


We know that with a well empowered agricultural sector, Africa will faster than estimated be out of the map of world hungry people. This is not just because of food production, but also the amount of jobs and opportunities that can sprout from the sector.
We therefore make agriculture an integral part of our initiatives. We want to encourage more people to go into the sector, and empower them to achieve.
Our strategy is organizing seminars and workshops on specific agricultures with professional mentorship programs; supply of seeds and inputs, fertilizers, pesticides and provision of general production expenses. In every step of the way, we want to be there to offer the helping hand.


We believe in skills. Because, according to a 21st century economist, “all money you will make in this generation must come from solving a problem”.
We therefore want to make people problem solvers, so they can not only be relevant to their communities, but also achieve financial freedom for themselves.
We therefore engage in workshops and seminars; training youths, the less privileged, and the socially vulnerable in relevant lucrative skills, to help them succeed.


We don’t play down on the realism that what people really need is money. Most times, businesses can’t move unless there is startup money.
Because of this simple realism, we grant capitals to budding entrepreneurs. We also furnish graduates from our workshop trainings and seminars, who will need a little financial push to launch their trades, with capitals enough just to establish them. We are just there at any point of individual personal discovery and growth.

Health care

We are also present in the area of health. Free medical checkups, partly or fully sponsored medical surgeries, footing of medical bills, building of primary health care centers, and supplies of drugs to public health centers; are part of what we contribute to the society, to reduce tears and pains.


Education is the best legacy. And we in Youth Trend are interested in building long lasting legacies. We are eager to help young children and youths without means, but passion, to achieve academic excellence. We therefore embark on scholarship programs, free mentoring and consulting, supply of relevant educational materials to schools, donation of classroom blocks and equipping of schools with ICT and science laboratories. We want to be part of success stories.

How to Become a Member

Step One

Fill the form and submit

Step Two

An instruction will be sent to you on how to complete your payment. Follow the instructions.

Step Three

Scan your bank teller or any evidence of payment. Send to a mail address which is to be sent to you immediately after the verification.

Step Four

As a confirmation that your account has been activated, an email will be sent to you. Follow the link and log in to your profile.

Step Five

You can apply for your grant
Benefits of membership

  1. A member automatically becomes liable to partake in any of the grants associated with Youth Trend.
  2. He/she is qualified to be part of any of the occasional seminars and workshops organized by Youth Trend, which may be associated to any of the following;
  1. He/she is entitled a certificate (costing N1000) after each seminar and workshop.
  2. He/she is qualified to apply or recommend communities for projects. These projects can be sponsored by Youth Trend or through any of her sponsors.
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